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ONE THING YOU MUST DO before selling your home

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I have written few guides over the years with a lot of advice to do with preparation and presentation and all the things that we know will be make your property look its best, and attract the biggest number of buyers. And this is all really important to maximising the best price for your home.

We all know that we need to declutter, and clean, and do the gardens and maximize street appeal, and the ‘to-do’ list can get quite long.

But in the excitement and flurry of all this preparation, there is one thing that often gets missed, that can seem quite minor and a bit dull and yet can cause major headaches and even stall the sale completely if discovered too late, or worse, once your marketing has begun.

So, before you start the decluttering and all the other jobs, I urge you to check this one thing.

Please - check your property has all the correct consents and most importantly, any work done after 1991 has not only the consents, but the Code Compliant Certificate or CCC as well. I know, I did say it was a bit dull but it’s incredible how many home owners think they have everything signed off, only to discover this final certificate was never done.

And this is how it can happen –the builder does all work and arranges all the council inspections along the way. They finish up and off they go. It is then usually the owner’s responsibility to apply and pay for the final inspection and certificate. Sometimes the owner didn’t realise, or were told but didn’t quite get around to it, or forgot, or it just seemed too hard and didn’t seem to matter. Whatever the reason, it is a really common issue. And it normally can be resolved, but it can take a bit of time – sometimes months. Which isn’t great when you are wanting to sell your home now.

Why does it matter? In the current environment, as part of the sales process, information about the property is highly scrutinized. Buyers and lawyers expect LIM, building reports and disclosures. Without the correct paperwork all being in order, lawyers may advise their clients against the purchase, banks may not lend, and insurers may not insure or refuse a claim because of it. And if discovered in the middle of the sale process, it could cast a doubt over the property, putting some buyers off, and causing others to offer way less than they might have if everything had been correctly signed off.

Which is no good for anybody.

So, whether you are thinking of selling soon or not, it’s definitely worth checking that your paperwork is all in order- for peace of mind now, and for the future saleability of your home. If you don’t know where to start or how to check, I here help. Just get in in touch.